Helena Golden Willow Woman is dedicated to crafting a diverse array of willow products, encompassing traditional, contemporary, and personalized designs. Using natural willow rods, she creates these remarkable pieces that pay homage to this time-honored craft. You can choose from her collection of meticulously crafted Irish Rustic Designs, each bearing the mark of her handiwork, or you can embark on your own creative journey by enrolling in one of her informative willow weaving workshops.

Willow, which flourishes abundantly in the lush landscapes of Leitrim, emerges as an eco-conscious, robust, and sustainable alternative to plastics. It forms the foundation for these beautiful, environmentally friendly creations.

Please note that the items may exhibit variations in colour and size compared to those in the images. These variations are a reflection of the diverse willow varieties and their ages, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each piece.

In her commitment to sustainability, Helena embraces upcycled packaging materials whenever possible. Newspaper, string, and repurposed cardboard boxes are utilized to complement the genuine, handcrafted character of Helena Golden Willow Woman’s creations. Your purchase not only supports the art of willow weaving but also champions eco-friendly practices and the preservation of our natural resources.