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Discover the Art of Natural Irish Heritage Craft

Are you captivated by the rich heritage of Ireland and its tradition of crafting beautiful, handmade baskets and woven relics? Do you long to create your own unique masterpieces while preserving a piece of history? Look no further – our Irish Artisan Basket Weaving online course is the perfect opportunity for you!

Why Choose Helena’s Courses?

🌿 Learn from a True Artisan:  Helena is an experienced Irish artisan with a deep-rooted passion for basketry and weaving. With years of teaching various forms of basketry, she brings the essence of Irish craftsmanship to your fingertips.

🌿 Craftsmanship and Personalization: We go beyond the basics, teaching you techniques such as randing, the three-rod wale, pairing weave, track borders, and finishing touches. But we don’t stop there; you will learn how to embellish and personalise your final creations, making each piece truly your own.

🌿 For Beginners and Intermediates: Whether you’re a complete novice or an intermediate weaver, our course caters to your skill level. You’ll start making baskets within days, and no prior experience or expensive tools are necessary.

What You’ll Gain:

✨ Confidence and Knowledge: After completing our course, you’ll have the confidence to harvest materials from your local area and the practical knowledge to weave beautiful, enduring baskets. Share your creations with friends and family or simply enjoy them for years to come.

✨ Access and Support: You’ll enjoy unlimited access to all course videos, so you can revisit specific techniques whenever you need. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to our instructor through email and a private Facebook group dedicated to course participants.

✨ Guided Learning: Each tutorial comes with a written instruction PDFs that you can download/print. Work at your own pace; there’s no rush. New techniques are introduced gradually, ensuring you have ample time to practice and master each one.

Choose Your Online Course

display of a willow basket

Unearth the timeless art of crafting round willow baskets, a cherished Irish tradition, at your own pace and on your terms. Helena’s online course empowers you to create authentic pieces of heritage from the comfort of your home. Dive into the intricate world of basket weaving, embrace the rich Irish culture, and fashion your own beautiful, functional masterpieces. Enroll today and begin your journey into the heart of Ireland’s heritage craft.

Natural decor display of a willow heart, star, gross and platter

Discover the enchanting world of crafting Irish decor with materials sourced from your very own garden or woodland. Helena’s online course will guide you through the art of transforming nature’s treasures into exquisite home accents. Embrace your creativity, connect with the Irish landscape, and add a touch of rustic charm to your living spaces. Create a Celtic Cross, willow hearts, a willow star and a serving platter. Enroll now to start creating your own authentic Irish decor.

Celtic Cross display

Unlock the enchanting world of Irish tradition and weaving with our online course. Dive into the rich heritage of Celtic crosses, including iconic designs like the Eye of God Cross, the Three-Legged Cross, and the Four-Legged Cross. Discover the artistry of crafting a Brideog doll, a symbol deeply rooted in Irish folklore.  Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Ireland through the art of weaving.

display of rustic style wedding decor made from willow

Elevate your wedding with the beauty of nature. Join our online course and learn how to craft your own stunning wedding decor using natural materials like willow. Create enchanting natural wreaths, charming topiary trees, heartfelt willow hearts, and rustic floral arrangements. Embrace the rustic elegance and natural vibes for your wedding while saving on costs. Let nature inspire your special day.

a display of delightful decor pieces made from willow that can be used to craft homemade Christmas decorations.

Elevate your home with rustic magic! Join our online course and learn to craft your own enchanting willow decor using natural materials. Create mesmerizing spinning spirals, charming plant collars, and delightful willow trees. Embrace the beauty of nature and add a touch of rustic elegance to your living space. Discover the joy of crafting with easily accessible natural products found in the great outdoors.

You will get instant access to a weaving course for you to complete in your own time?

Learn at your own pace!! This is an on-demand video course, you can access it at any time via our online learning platform, Teachable.

Inside the course, you will have instant access to step-by-step video tutorials.

Each course will have;

  •  An Introduction to each module so you know exactly where to start.
  •  All Recommended Tools so you can be prepared in advance.
  •  The Natural Materials you can use to weave.
  •  Preparing Natural Materials so you’ll know exactly what to do to get your materials ready to weave.
  • Finishing Touches so you can embellish your pieces to suit your style and treat them to make them last.
Helena Golden weaving a handmade willow basket craft
“The craft is fantastic. You bring it to life with passion, bringing each person to the experience, showing them the skills with a measured though provoking enthusiasm topped with kindness. “

What You’ll Need:

You won’t have to break the bank to get started!!

Tools: Prepare your basket weaving toolkit, including secateurs, a bodkin, and a weight( suggestions for alternative options of items commonly found around the home are available in the course.)

Willow: You can source your willow from Helena directly or alternative options for worldwide suppliers are available below.

Somewhere to Soak Your Willow: This can be anything from a bath, trough, container, stream/pond or anything that your willow will fit in. It is recommended to start soaking your willow about a week in advance.

Laptop/Tablet: You’ll need a laptop or tablet with an internet connection to watch the course videos.

Embellishments (optional): some courses may encourage the addition of your personal touches or embellishments. Again, these are usually things you may already have around the house such as ribbons, twine, buttons or whatever else you like.

Sourcing Your Willow

We use a variety of natural branches, rods and stems that you are likely to find in your garden or on a country walk. We want to stimulate your imagination and get you to experiment with various plant material that’s local to you. If however, you wish to source willow for these projects, as it is the ultimate flexible and sturdy material, I have included a list of suppliers below so you can contact the one closest to you. You should get Dried Willow for Basketry. It will require soaking in water to make it flexible. Any questions, just get in touch with me,

For our ‘Weave A Round Willow Basket‘ course you will have the option of including a dried willow starter pack in your purchase at checkout.

Helena Golden Willow Woman, Leitrim, Ireland

Email Helena and she can send you willow suited to the course / project you are planning.



Musgrove Willows, Sommerset

Supply willow throughout the UK



01278 691105

De Vos Salix

Contact Bart De Vos



Living Willow Farm, Ohio, USA

Contact Howard Peller who supplies willow throughout USA



The Branch Ranch, Ontario, Canada

Get in touch with Jessica York if you are in Canada / USA


Go Willow

Nicola supplies willow throughout New Zealand



Any Questions?