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  •  All Recommended Tools so you can be prepared in advance.
  •  The Natural Materials you can use to weave.
  •  Preparing Natural Materials so you’ll know exactly what to do to get your materials ready to weave.
  • Finishing Touches so you can embellish your pieces to suit your style and treat them to make them last.

“The craft is fantastic. You bring it to life with passion, bringing each person to the experience, showing them the skills with a measured though provoking enthusiasm topped with kindness. “

Traditional basketry is the art and craft of weaving or coiling plant materials, such as reeds, grasses, vines, or branches, to create functional or decorative baskets. Basketry has been practiced by various cultures throughout human history and continues to be a vibrant and valued craft in many parts of the world. Traditionally, basketry has served a wide range of practical purposes, such as storage, transportation, and food processing. Baskets have also been used in ceremonial or artistic contexts, often showcasing intricate patterns and designs that are unique to the cultural traditions of the basket maker.Willow Basket

Traditional basketry is deeply connected to the environment and often utilizes locally available plant materials that are harvested sustainably. Basket makers may have deep knowledge of their natural surroundings, including plant identification, harvesting techniques, and material preparation methods. Many traditional basketry techniques have been passed down through generations, preserving cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship.

In addition to its utilitarian and cultural significance, traditional basketry has also gained recognition as a form of artistic expression. Basket makers may experiment with different materials, patterns, and forms, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques and creating unique and innovative baskets that are considered works of art.

Today, traditional basketry continues to thrive in various parts of the world, carried on by skilled artisans who value the heritage, craftsmanship, and beauty of this ancient craft. It is appreciated for its functional use, artistic value, and cultural significance, and continues to be a beloved and respected craft form.

Create Natural Seasonal Decor For Your Home

Weave A Simple Round Rustic Basket

Willow Basket

Sourcing Your Willow

We use a variety of natural branches, rods and stems that you are likely to find in your garden or on a country walk. We want to stimulate your imagination and get you to experiment with various plant material that’s local to you. If however, you wish to source willow for these projects, as it is the ultimate flexible and sturdy material, I have included a list of suppliers below so you can contact the one closest to you.

You should get Dried Willow for Basketry. It will require soaking in water to make it flexible. Any questions, just get in touch with me,

Helena Golden Willow Woman, Leitrim, Ireland

Email Helena and she can send you willow suited to the course / project you are planning.



Musgrove Willows, Sommerset

Supply willow throughout the UK



01278 691105

De Vos Salix

Contact Bart De Vos



Living Willow Farm, Ohio, USA

Contact Howard Peller who supplies willow throughout USA



The Branch Ranch, Ontario, Canada

Get in touch with Jessica York if you are in Canada / USA


Go Willow

Nicola supplies willow throughout New Zealand



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