Online School

Would you like to join Helena’s Online School Of Natural Crafts?

You will get instant access to a weaving course for you to complete in your own time?

Learn at your own pace!! This is an on-demand video course, you can access it at any time via our online learning platform, Teachable.

Inside the course, you will have instant access to 4 separate modules where you will learn to create a celtic cross, a natural platter , a willow star and a willow heart.

Each module will have;

  •  An Introduction to each module so you know exactly where to start.
  •  All Recommended Tools so you can be prepared in advance.
  •  The Natural Materials you can use to weave.
  •  Preparing Natural Materials so you’ll know exactly what to do to get your materials ready to weave.
  • Finishing Touches so you can embellish your pieces to suit your style and treat them to make them last.

“The craft is fantastic. You bring it to life with passion, bringing each person to the experience, showing them the skills with a measured though provoking enthusiasm topped with kindness. “

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