Willow Craft Kits

DIY Willow Craft Kits are great for keeping active and creative.

These kits are ideal for the craft enthusiast who wants to try willow weaving in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace. Starting with basic, simple kits, suitable for a beginner, you can learn about willow and basketry and progress though different weaving projects as more Crafts Kits are added to our collection.

The kits are also a great home-school activity for young and old to do together around the kitchen table.  A Willow Craft Kit is also a unique and thoughtful present that will provide creative activity culminating with a hand-crafted memento at the end.

A typical Willow Craft Kit will arrive in a sturdy box containing willow (pre-soaked for Kit 1 and 2), a wooden jig with holes drilled in it (as required), string, printed step-by-step illustrated instructions as well as access to an online video tutorial that you watch, pause, re-watch to aid your understanding of the instructions.

You will just need a secateurs or strong scissors and for Kit 3 you will need a ruler or measuring tape. Adult supervision is required when using secateurs / scissors.

The willow in kit 1 and 2 has been pre-soaked to make it flexible for weaving.  Once you receive your kit, you should unwrap/uncurl the willow and lay it out flat and straight.  Hose the bundle of willow with water or throw a bucket of water over it outside. Then wrap the straight, wet willow in a damp towel and you are ready to start weaving. By keeping the towel damp, your willow should remain flexible for weaving for 4 days. If you feel it is becoming a little dry or inflexible, simply soak the willow in water for a couple of hours.

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